Saturday, 20 July 2013

Practutor helps students practice to achieve excellence

On June 2, 2013, inspired computer science graduate Hardik Parikh and team launched the first version of This was the fruition of sixteen months of discussion, planning and execution. After noticing the lack of online resources and poor offline options and the problems students face in Math and English especially during the initial years, the PracTutor team chose to offer this amazing program. PracTutor mentors students to excellence.

As this is the first edition of, Mr. Parikh encourages new users to email and call him personally with any and all feedback, comments and suggestions that will help Practutor develop and grow. PracTutor seems to be off to a wonderful start thus far. The website gained 5,219 registered users just 19 hours after it launched.

PracTutor was developed from much research and a genuine need to help students grow into their fullest potential. Teachers and child psychologists were consulted. It was concluded that this modern world poses many obstacles for the young, growing student. There are many distractions and much pressure on children.  To create PracTutor, a math program was developed with the help of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB). Many children struggle with math. The math program of PracTutor, backed by IITB strives to remedy that problem. It is fun-based to keep the students engaged and customized to meet each student’s need.

Many students struggle with English as well. Teachers in the Common Core Curriculum in the United States were consulted to develop a program for that. PracTutor's English program focuses on helping children with reading comprehension.

PracTutor was developed by parents with concerns about their children's education, just like any other. The company is devoted to helping children succeed and giving back to the community. PracTutor donates a part of each subscription fee to a variety of charitable organizations. It allows the user to choose which organization receives their donation.

PracTutor firmly believes that each and every student has the innate ability for success. No matter their learning level, every student can exceed expectations in Math and English. PracTutor can help them on their way to greatness.  PracTutor mentors students to excellence. The team and staff is devoted to helping each and every student succeed. No matter where your child is at in his or her education, PracTutor can help.

About PracTutor

PracTutor is a customized learning and practice environment to help students in Grades 1 to 8 master Math and English. PracTutor is trying to solve the challenge of how can we make any student love, learn and enjoy Math and English.

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