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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Cold, Cuddle And Coffee (Math) Calculation?

With the temperature waning to as low as minus 23 degrees or shrink beyond 25 degrees below the average temperatures, it is time to cuddle your children and spend some good quality time with them. In Oklahoma, the schools were closed and even some of the businesses closed their offices considering the safety of their employees. While you survive one of the coldest winters, something that has not been experienced over past 10 years, would it be advisable to drive your children to the activity centers or the nearby learning centers?

If you feel that your child's future is your top most concern, well, here is a God sent opportunity that you can actually convert into a once in a lifetime experience. Wondering how would you do that?

Why go out and risk your lives when PracTutor brings a real awesome adaptive learning platform to you.
All you need to do is just enroll and prepare your children to get ahead.

Here are a few key facts about learning math and how learning math online is more practical than the traditional classroom math education:
  • The present day global standardized test scores prove that American students are not ready to compete on the global platform and one of the main reasons for the same is the lack of math skills.
  • There is a fundamental lack of math teachers all across the nation.
  • The adults competing for their careers find lack of math skills as a top most hindrance factor.
  • Math education is facing absolute crisis on multiple levels in teaching as well as learning segments.
  • Basic math fundamentals cannot and will not change, however, the traditional methods to teach math must change if we have to provide better understanding and skills to our students.
  • The universities that implement math learning online attract more students who are adults and struggling for brighter career opportunities.
  • Almost all technology critics agree that online learning is shaping the future of teaching and learning for good.
  • With experiments conducted using traditional learning and online learning, conclusions are that online learning imparts better perspective and gives deeper and clear understanding of the concepts.
  • As online math involves real time dynamic examples, (change of shapes, figures, variables, angles, etc) students find it to be fun while they actually learn. The little challenges that adaptive learning platforms bring in between the tutorials, challenge the students' minds for deeper contemplation.
  • Another experiment was conducted to observe if learning math online did improve the skill set of the students. It was concluded that the students from traditional learning class and online learners both groups did equally well with easy math problems. However, when the students were given more complex and tough problems, the group of online math learners performed extensively better than the students who were taught in a traditional classroom.
  • The visual evidence that provides more scope to find how concepts work is practically impossible in a traditional classroom.
  • A few more advantages that interactive learning has over traditional learning are:
    • It is based on student's individual capability
    • It gives student the authority to pace his learning
    • It does not get frustrated while explaining the same concept over and over till the student feels perfectly conversant with it (is virtually unlimited)
    • It keeps students attentive, curious and interested in math
    • It gives instant and personalized feedbacks and encouragements
Apart from the advantages mentioned above, we are certain that though the traditional methods has been developed after years of hard work and research, they do not match up the present day challenges.

The world has become a global village that has abundance of resources available right at your fingertips.
Can you possibly do justice to your children by depriving them the whole bunch of goodness that adaptive learning provides?

Can you afford to keep your children acquainted to the only traditional coaching when the rest of the world marches ahead towards a glorious tomorrow by embracing the blessings of the modern day technology?
Of course, you must spend some quality time with your children having fun while they learn. Will it not be kind of awesome to cuddle him, hold his hand, and lead him to learn (while you can still smell his hair)?

Yes, with such fabulous advantages of learning Math online, who knows you might just encourage your child to fall in love with Math and be a mathematician, Amen!

About PracTutor

PracTutor is a customized learning and practice environment to help students in Grades 1 to 8 master Math and English. We provide 1-to-1 mentoring for each student. We make the learning fun by introducing gamification and help parents and teachers track progress and get alerts whenever they need help.

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Practutor v1.2 - The Gen-Next Buzz Word in World of Blended Learning

Kentucky, October 29, 2013 A few good teaching and learning online tools deliver satisfactory results and the world of blended learning is yet evolving. One such blended learning tool that is being highly appreciated by teachers as well as students and parents is PracTutor.

PracTutor, the online tool for Math and English tutorials has been making waves among the teaching industry for a while now. It was initially launched in Jun2013 with the exclusive purpose of providing quality education to all who desire to learn with zest. PracTutor is serving the teaching industry with constant research and innovation.

With PracTutor’s latest verson 1.2, students and parents get additional benefit of watching educational videos and participate in certain practice tests even without registering onsite. However, the registration has an entire bouquet of benefits attached to it. This blended learning tool is super handy and now parents can even check and the grade of their kids as and when required.

An additional feature that teachers find handy is that they can upload the present record of students via various simple. Some simple and standard methods such as uploading a present excel sheet with student data makes task of teachers a cake walk for continues track of each students progress. Teachers appreciate that they can print the student roster and can even generate ‘parent permission letter’ with a few clicks.

Students have been demanding more application based questions and the latest PracTutor v1.2 fulfils that demand too.

The lessons and practice as well as tests of PracTutor have been carefully crafted after through research. PracTutor is a result of many experts, professionals working in educational institutes and child psychology connoisseurs and it is obvious from its present innovative form. 

A few more exciting aspects of the latest PracTutor v1.2 American teachers and tutors as well as students and parents is that each one of them can review the answers of the tests taken by the student. The repots of student/s can be printed in tabular format along with the original graphical format too.

Do check the new revamped sign up process at and enjoy the trial version absolutely free!

To find out about the more emerging features such as iPhone/Galaxy app version of PracTutor, school administrator facilities, correlation of assessment with PARCC, SAT and ACT, etc, get in touch with Hardik Parikh, the Co-founder of

You can read more of Hardik Parikh’s views on his blog at

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Monday, 29 April 2013

Intelligent Adaptive Learning: An Essential Element of 21st Century Teaching Part II

In our previous article of “Intelligent Adaptive Learning: An Essential Element of 21st Century Teaching Part I” we saw “What is Intelligent Adaptive Learning all about and why is it required” Let us explore the subject further more

Increase inDemand of Intelligent Adaptive Learning

With more and more learners, students and faculties moving to online education, box instructor or adaptive learning has come up as the most sophisticated solutions. Intelligent Adaptive Learningcontributes in bigger way (much more meaningful way) in developing engagingenvironment and through grasping relations between the learner and the online tutor. It is a commonly established fact that understanding the needs and developing the solutions based on those very needs is beneficial for all.

A few challenges of Intelligent Adaptive Learning

In online education, all the students might not be on the same platform of intelligence and understanding as each student comes from totally distinct geographical, cultural, economical and intellectual background. For such students regular methodic approach of imparting education does not serve as a plausible option. Thus, inferential technology has been used to form the Intelligent Adaptive Learning. With the help inferential technology adaptive learning is expected to grow leaps and bounds. Now, that this system has come out as an open-market paradigm, it is going through an optimistic phase of impact on various aspects such as affordability, accessibility, quality challenges of global education as well as training pertaining to e-learning systems.

Importance of intelligent adaptive learning

One of the greatest advantages that intelligent adaptive learning provides is that it gives the learner the privilege of selecting his own modular components which are especially suitable for their learner-centric environment. Moreover, it also provides flexible solutions through which they can adapt themselves dynamically and which also suit their real-time goals. At present, three models have been created for teaching learners of different levels:
  • Expert model
  • Student model and,
  • Instruction model
Intelligent adaptive learning finds its usage in classrooms as well as in distance learning education fields. It is also used in group collaboration applications.  

Each individual is uniquewe have hundreds of reasons to believe it. Since many centuries humanity has been trying to bridge the gap between high level and low level, be it education, financial status or other socio economic factors. As far as learning is concerned with rise of intelligent adaptive learning techniques, by the mid of 21st of century we can expect all the people getting access to the unique, specially customized and affordable learning systems. These Intelligent Adaptive Learningsystems will be flexible and can be tuned in to match the understanding and interest level of an individual. Through Intelligent Adaptive Learningsystem, everyone will have the same level of knowledge, information and understanding of the subject at the end of the curriculum. This will also create better learned and thoughtful individuals, who will be able to use it for pursuing their further goals more effectively.

Geographical barriers have already started dropping with the coming up of the internet, at least in the virtual world. But the high speed of adaptive learning looks assuring enough to bring the same shift in the outlook of real world as well. In short though as of now Intelligent Adaptive Learning systems are yet in their cradle phase yet soon enough Intelligent Adaptive Learning systems will create better learned generations that shall be enhanced forever.