Thursday, 12 September 2013

How to enhance the student potential through online resources?

If we want each child to have the chance for sharing his full and equal part in citizenship and shaping his destiny himself, we can make it happen only through correct education. Of course, education is not limited to the knowledge gained at schools or colleges; still academic education has got high level of just significance in our society. It helps an individual in choosing a fulfilling job; shaping the society and enriching the inner life.

Almost everyone accepts the value of education and Governments of all the major countries treat education department in a respected approach. It gets all kind of support from funding to encouraging system reformations with changing needs. Still many challenges are being faced and lot many parents admit that educational cultivation of their child has become a challenging task for them.

According to a report [Problems Facing American Education, Focus on colleges, universities and schools Volume 2, number 2, 2008] prepared by Ashley Boyer and Burnette Wolf Hamil, PhD [Associate Professor at Mississippi State University] states that the following are the major challenges faced by the American education.
  • Attrition Rate of Teachers
  • Lack of Parental Involvement
  • Reading Epidemic [Students don’t like or they don’t prefer to read at grade level]
Many intellectuals will consider that these challenges are not only limited to America. Many other countries face same or similar kind of issues that really need to be worked on. Highly qualified individuals and teams including educationists carry on continuous research work to sort such issues. Alternative education supplement options kind of products or services are also popular i.e. personal tuitions, online educational portals. Parents prefer to keep possible efforts so that their child can achieve desirable educational goals.

 Our society is always in need of an additional system that develops interest for education among students. Sometimes; due to tender age, they don’t like to study more. What they need is personal care, special attention and structured practice. Structured Practice matters a lot because too much repetition leads to over confidence and loses of interest. Structured practice covers varieties of topics with easy explanations; questions – answers.

PracTutor was mainly launched as an initiative to help students, parents and teachers in handling such challenges and providing the best support during school days and holidays.  Attrition Rate of Teachers is something that is not in control of any individual or an organization. There are many factors affecting this issue. Apart from that, PracTutor is considered as an ideal solution by its users.

Following are the special features of Practutor:
  • Structured Curriculum
  • Personalize Learning
  • Unlimited Math online practice
  • Unlimited English online practice
  • Unlimited Math and English offline practice
  • Training Videos
  • Detailed student analysis, Periodic progress report
  • Game based environment
  • 1-to-1 mentoring (Parents and Students)
  • Platform to connect with teachers and school
As a result of quality focused approach, Practutor is one the fastest growing services in the USA that really makes difference in a career of a student. Parents, teachers and schools also can actively participate and monitor the performance of students. Please visit following links to explore more about the revolutionary concept and know how to utilize it for betterment.

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