Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Practutor v1.2 - The Gen-Next Buzz Word in World of Blended Learning

Kentucky, October 29, 2013 A few good teaching and learning online tools deliver satisfactory results and the world of blended learning is yet evolving. One such blended learning tool that is being highly appreciated by teachers as well as students and parents is PracTutor.

PracTutor, the online tool for Math and English tutorials has been making waves among the teaching industry for a while now. It was initially launched in Jun2013 with the exclusive purpose of providing quality education to all who desire to learn with zest. PracTutor is serving the teaching industry with constant research and innovation.

With PracTutor’s latest verson 1.2, students and parents get additional benefit of watching educational videos and participate in certain practice tests even without registering onsite. However, the registration has an entire bouquet of benefits attached to it. This blended learning tool is super handy and now parents can even check and the grade of their kids as and when required.

An additional feature that teachers find handy is that they can upload the present record of students via various simple. Some simple and standard methods such as uploading a present excel sheet with student data makes task of teachers a cake walk for continues track of each students progress. Teachers appreciate that they can print the student roster and can even generate ‘parent permission letter’ with a few clicks.

Students have been demanding more application based questions and the latest PracTutor v1.2 fulfils that demand too.

The lessons and practice as well as tests of PracTutor have been carefully crafted after through research. PracTutor is a result of many experts, professionals working in educational institutes and child psychology connoisseurs and it is obvious from its present innovative form. 

A few more exciting aspects of the latest PracTutor v1.2 American teachers and tutors as well as students and parents is that each one of them can review the answers of the tests taken by the student. The repots of student/s can be printed in tabular format along with the original graphical format too.

Do check the new revamped sign up process at PracTutor.com and enjoy the trial version absolutely free!

To find out about the more emerging features such as iPhone/Galaxy app version of PracTutor, school administrator facilities, correlation of assessment with PARCC, SAT and ACT, etc, get in touch with Hardik Parikh, the Co-founder of PracTutor.com

You can read more of Hardik Parikh’s views on his blog at hardik.practutor.com

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