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What can a parent do to help the child with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

Kids will be kids. They will play, make noise, and make a mess.

Is your child quite and aloof when alone? Does he tend to seek extra attention when others are around? Does he forget things he just did learn or revise? Is his handwriting a total mess?

If answer to more than one of the above questions is “YES”, your child might be subject to Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. Seek opinion of her pediatrician or your general family physician. If the need be, the doctors will help diagnose the ADHD.

Here are a few common suggestions for parents to help child suffering from ADHD:
  • Encourage discipline and draft a daily schedule: Try to design a daily pattern of workflow and follow the same. Make this schedule available for the child’s easy reference, for e.g. paste it on his closet. Ask him to go through it and thus, the child will be clearly aware of the different timeslots to study, play, meet friends, pursue his hobby, or finish the chores. If your child does participate in the scheduled tasks on his own, do appreciate him.
  • Appreciate organized behavior: Encourage the child to put all things back at their own appropriate places after using them. Books should be placed back in schoolbags, toothpaste – brush and comb should go back at their own dedicated spaces, dishes should be put in sink, pen-pencils must be placed back in pen stand or pencil pouch, etc. 
  • Eliminate the distractions: While doing the homework or while painting or doing the hobby activity eliminate all distractions. The distractions can be 
          Visual: Any moving object, TV, the view from the window, etc
          Auditory: Music, radio, parental conversation, etc
          Sensory: Smell of food, strong perfumes, too cold or too hot atmosphere, presence of someone else around, etc

          Make the child sit alone at a peaceful place with no distractions. Schedule the time. Make him aware that he is suppose to finish off the task in the allotted timeframe.

  • Keep the interaction clear: Communicate in brief and clear words. Do not use long story buildup or explanations to remind the child of the task or responsibility. Have faith in his ability and display the same, precisely. 
  • Do not confuse or over-stimulate the child: If you are not clear in your thought, pause and form it correctly and concisely in your mind before you communicate. Keep the number of choices limited. The more number of choices can move the child towards hyperactivity.  
  • Remember he is special and still a kid: Yes, it takes a bit of an extra effort to manage a special child, yet he is just a child. He will not show progress overnight. Set goals or aims that are realistic as per his capability. 
  • Engulf yourself with tons of patience: He is hyperactive and thus, you must engross yourself in a bit extra amount of patience. Keep yourself vented and charged enough to keep your calm when you deal with him. Never use harsh words or spanking out or cut off privileges out of frustration. This can turn off his entire effort and progress. Remain optimistic at all times.
  • Sort a Hobby: Music has been found to be having a calming effect and so does painting. As each child is unique so is his talent. Help your child discover his passion and encourage him to indulge in it.
  • Find out more about concentration tips and techniques and try to implement them.
  • Do not be shy: Find support groups and take professional help as and when required. Schedule the medication and follow it religiously. Take help from friends and family as well.
  • Keep in touch with the school authorities and teachers. With help of the teachers, you can sort things better. 

Above all, appreciate him and respect him. He is an individual like each one of us. Keep his moral up and help him build up his self-esteem. 

Talk to professional to find if he has any other disorder as Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can mask other learning disorders too.

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