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Saturday, 8 September 2012

PracTutor launches the pre-registration to help students learn Math and English in an adaptive innovative way

Louisville, KY. September 08, 2012 – PracTutor ( is an adaptive learning platform to help students excel in Math and English. PracTutor was established with just one focus – THE STUDENT. PracTutor is trying to solve the challenge of how can we make any student love, learn and enjoy Math and English.

There are 39 million students in US in K-8 in public and private schools. Only 69% students make it to a high school and less than 70% to a college. Most of them falter at one of the numerous high school or college admission tests.  In college, majority of the students need to take remedial courses in Math and English.

About 40% of the students take some form of Math and English training program to prepare for high school and more than 75% to prepare for college admission tests. The students get frustrated with the narrow focus of such trainings or possible interventions not available when needed. PracTutor experience is personalized and it understands the student’s strengths to challenge them more on their strengths and it understands their weaknesses to eliminate them.

PracTutor is virtually effortless and very intuitive for the student to use. It applies intelligent algorithms to understand the student’s abilities in Math and English and provide practice and training to strengthen their skills. This training is mapped to each and every standard of the common core curriculum. PracTutor involves the parents and the school teacher in the student’s progress and provides all the elements required for the success of the student. A private tutor can help the student whenever they need any help.

“I created PracTutor because I was frustrated after using quite a few after-school Math and English programs for my two sons in Grades 3 and 5, I felt there had to be a better way, a better product and not seeing one, decided to create one.”, said Vatsal Ghiya, co-founder, PracTutor.

“I have seen a lot of my cousins and sons and daughters on my friends struggle with Math and English with numerous programs they work on. All of the training programs seem to be missing one or several elements.

We wanted to provide the entire ecosystem – a complete solution. That is what PracTutor is.”, said Hardik Parikh, co-founder and CEO, PracTutor.

PracTutor’s team comprises experts on Math and English from common core team, web designers, software developers, child psychologists, parents and school administrators.

PracTutor is in development right now and we would like to invite users for beta testing as soon as we have it out.

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About PracTutor

Started in April -2012, PracTutor ( is an adaptive learning platform to help students excel in Math and English. PracTutor is part of emPower Training Solutions ( that has been providing online compliance solutions to 100+ healthcare practices and hospitals since the last 4 years.

To learn more about PracTutor follow us at:

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Hardik Parikh, Co-founder and CEO
12806 Townepark Way,
Louisville, KY 40243-2311
Direct (502) 400-9374
Twitter: @hardikvparikh

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Friday, 3 August 2012

Three Useful Tips for Integrating Videos in e-Learning Courses

There is a need for an interactive model in e-learning courses. By integrating videos in the e-learning courses students can not only grasp the things easily but it also makes the content visually attractive.

There is a very famous quote which goes, “Show, don’t tell”. Taking this principle into account, there is a need for an interactive learning model wherein students can learn through videos and images. E-learning courses try to follow this principle so that students can learn in an unconventional manner but retain major part of the learning. E-learning developers are circumspect to use videos/images in the e-learning courses. But if the tips given in this article are taken seriously, then you can create amazing content with the help of videos in e-learning courses. Let us look at these tips:
  • Videos should be used to depict behavioral skills: There are times when it is very difficult to explain things to students especially when you want to teach them about body language and other soft skills. In such scenarios, videos can be best option. These skills need to be seen to understand rather than reading them. Moreover; videos make the content very attractive and visually appealing especially if the course requires practice to master.
  • Videos should be short and to the point: Always bear in mind that your target audience does not have the patience to see a full length feature film. It is always advisable to break the length of the video to less than 3 minutes. Try to keep the introductory video short, so that it captures viewer’s attention. If you wish to integrate audio podcasts to the content it usually can be of a maximum 10 minutes. But it has been observed that viewers normally tune off from the content after initial couple of minutes. Hence, the success formula for integrating videos is shorter is better.
  • Videos should integrate different social media tools to make it interactive:  Give an option to the audience to offer feedback or post a comment on your videos. This will make them think about various suggestions and questions that they have on that particular video. You can also add questions and quizzes on the basis of the video content. If you integrate various social media tools to the video it will make it easier for the viewers to post the questions to their colleagues and get relevant answers to the questions. They can even taken the help of experts to learn more about that subject.
To learn more about PracTutor follow us at:,

12806 Townepark Way
Louisville, KY 40243-2311
United States

Four Illuminating Guidelines For Successful Online Teachers

Online learning has become a trend in recent times. With that the importance of online teaching has increased. In this article; we look at various guidelines which will be helpful for successful online teaching.

Online education has become a holy grail for many K-12 educators. With the advancement in technology, e-learning has become 21st century learning tool which not only provides enchanted learning but it also transforms education to another level. Hence; online teaching has become one of the most important jobs in recent times. There are special sets of skill and attitude required for online teachers. Let us look at some of the key criteria required to become a successful online teacher:
  • Personalized contact: Classroom teaching and online teaching are totally different from each other. In classroom teaching there is a huge opportunity for the students to have one-on-one interaction with their teachers. But in case of online teaching, the only way to make your message personalized is through email. Online teachers need to have a far greater confidence and emotional security in terms of their professional competency. Online teachers need to work hard to personalize their message as far as possible so that students do not think of it as a robotic interaction.
  • Know thy students: It is always advisable for the online teachers to know the strengths and weaknesses of each of their students individually by communicating effectively with the students. This will help them to have clear and to the point communication with the students. They can even track the performance of the student at an individual level.
  • Lose complete control: Classroom teaching enables teachers to gain complete control over the students and get the task done beautifully. However; in case of online teaching, there is no control over the teaching pattern. The students have the choice of selecting independently when to study and take quizzes. Even in traditional classroom teaching there are chances of cheating more so in case of online teaching. But if the online teachers are able to convey their message to the students about the satisfaction and benefits derived from the courses then there is a tremendous potential for them. But if coercive techniques are used to extract information from the students then it becomes very difficult for the online teachers to get the desired results.
  • 24 x 7 support: Online teaching is more of a lifestyle than a job. It is very difficult for online teachers to set reasonable boundaries on their workday. If a student runs into trouble the basic instinct is to help them as soon as possible. Majority of times online support is asked by the student from 10 pm to midnight.
Online teaching is a specialized job. It not only caters to providing innovative education solutions to the students instantly; but it also takes the sphere of 21st century learning to another level.

To learn more about PracTutor follow us at:,

12806 Townepark Way
Louisville, KY 40243-2311
United States