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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

PracTutor Summer learning Program for Math and English

21st May, 2015 - Louisville, KY. PracTutor, the awesome personalized learning platform for K-8 students has announced the launch of its summer learning program. Implausibly, they are offering their complete program for FREE for summer 2015. Children can use the PracTutor Math and ELA modules worth $29.95/month FREE for 2 months.

Why to launch a summer program?                   

Extended summer break is found to create a learning loss for nearly all the students. As per the research, students lose up to two and a half months of Math skills and two months of English reading skills during this period. This creates a learning gap that is hard to mitigate.

Considering this, PracTutor Team decided to give its program for free for two months, so that all the students can benefit from the fabulous online learning environment.

Children can use PracTutor to revise what they have already learned, complete concepts that they missed during the school year, and explore concepts for the coming year.  

They can prevent the summer slide easily by using PracTutor for just thirty-minutes, twice a week.

Being an online learning program, adds to its advantages, as children can practice from any digital and mobile device that has an Internet connection.
Coupon Code: Summer15

You can explore the FREE PracTutor Summer Program at and use the coupon code to avail the benefit of two months free-access.

To summarize, PracTutor and its fun-filled personalized environment should be an ideal tool to engage children with their summer study sessions, while they master the concepts.

PracTutor Overview

PracTutor is an online adaptive education portal for the K-8 students to practice math and English with the curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core Standards. Apart from integrated math and English practice, the PARCC and SBAC aligned assessments and interventions as per RTI are the core features of PracTutor.

PracTutor is a comprehensive math and English education system. It brings parents, teachers, school administrators and mentors together to ensure that no child is left behind.

PracTutor is cloud-based. There is no need to install, update, or maintain any software. It works on Mac, Windows, Chrome books, iPads - any system, any browser, and any device. It is accessible from anywhere and at any hour.

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