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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Proper synchronization between e-learning content and visuals

I have always been fascinated with visuals more so in e-learning content. Hence; it was natural for me to write a blog depicting proper synchronization between both these aspects to blend a completely attractive package deal for the target audience.

Ever wondered how there is an easy synchronization between dialogue delivery and lip sync between movie co-actors? This is because they work really hard to get their act together and put together a performance which is ever-lasting and creates a never ending impression on the viewers. In the same vein; e-learning courses need an initial push to make their course content visually attractive. The only way to make it possible is by merging pictures and visuals with the content so that the overall impact of the content goes through a tremendous change for the better of course! But the point is to make sure that the videos and visuals are synchronized in such a manner, that the students do not feel that visuals are irrelevant to the course curriculum.  The only way to do that is by including the images and videos only in the portions where they are of utmost importance. I have dedicated this blog on providing useful reasons that will help you understand the relevance of visuals in e-learning course and how they can these visuals be given a proper treatment in terms of the course design? This is a very big question and will be answered in this blog.

But first of all let us look at the reasons for including visuals in the e-learning course content:

  • Images add new dimension to the content: No matter what your course is all about without images it would be like a dry canvas without any color. If you add images to the course it will give a new dimension to the course. It will also make the students enjoy the course more with the help of proper images and diagrams. Moreover; layout is of prime importance to the course pattern; whether you are the writer of the course or the designer this aspect cannot be missed at any cost.
  • Arouse interests in the target audience with minimal attention: Whether you want to depict a tragic massacre or a violent conflict these things can be depicted through images which arouses interest in the minds of the students. It also makes students feel the emotions in less time. Please understand that words are more important at intellectual level whereas for emotional connection visuals are quite necessary.
  • Visual is the new trend: Pick up any industry there is always a way to communicate visually with the help of images. Imagine an image of a large medical transcription company depicting happy employees, following protection of patient information as a part of their training. Hence; through visual images anything and everything is possible. This also shows that the company is following HIPAA law.
  • Show the intangibility aspect of the product through visuals: In every business there are tangible and intangible aspects. Concentrate on the intangible aspects and depict them with the help of visuals. For example; in a medical transcription services protection of patient information is of prime importance depict it with the help of an image which showcases the benefit of hiding the information from others.
Gone are the days when you required a perfectly great visual to depict your industry standards. You do not have to use Hollywood graphics to show your services; the most important thing is to include or integrate interesting visuals to make it attractive for the target audience. This way you will attract more and more end users who will like to view your course content. In the end I would like to end this blog through an interesting quote from Orson Welles,

“Create your own visual style….let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

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