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Monday, 13 August 2012

Inculcating positive personality development traits in children since early childhood - The ultimate objective of a tutor

Children are very delicate as they can be molded very easily in early childhood. There is also a threat that they can become rebellious and take on negative personality habits which can prove to be quite fatal for their future. In this blog, I have concentrated on some basic points which help in inculcating positive personality development habits in children since early children from the perspective of a tutor.

I have always stressed about innovative teaching techniques in my blogs. But in this write-up, I will look at different aspects which lead to personality development in young children. Remember in my first blog I mentioned that my primary focus would be on children between the age group of 3 to 15 years. Hence, I will continue with the same target audience but with a different frame of mind. I will try to find out different aspects which sum up to define behavior of children in particular order. In this blog, I will start off with the definition of personality and then the different facets which help in developing personality in children.

So how would you define personality? Now you will say that it is the sum of culture, behavior, ideas, thoughts and emotions which makes up a human personality. But my question is do these young children have any idea of culture? Let me take you take you to the journey of my early childhood and show you how culture can never be a part of personality of a young child. Since childhood my parents always used to encourage me to play, interact with people, enjoy games and make friends but I was not able to make friends. In fact I was not even good at interacting with people. Children of my same age group used to come at my house and play with my toys. Some of them used to take the toys with them but I never used to tell anything to my parents. Now I hope you can understand while my parents always gave me the freedom to interact with people and move out it became even more difficult for me to do that because I was of a reserved nature. Hence, culture does not play a part in the personality. It is the way we behave according to our pre-conceived notions that build up our personality. Now when I look back at those days, I really cannot understand why I used to fear from interacting with people. Even mingling with unknown people was a big thing for me. But now things have changed.

So does that mean that my personality changed over night? Or when I was in my early childhood I constrained myself with the fear of hurting others due to my sensitive nature? Whatever it was; it did not last for a long time. Soon after I graduated and moved out I found out that life is all about expressing yourself; and trying to find a place for you in this big bad world! Hence, from there; the journey for my self-discovery started. Okay now let me cut the topic, and concentrate on the subject at hand. So, what I am trying to explain is that every child is unique as enumerated millions of times in my previous blogs. Try to show them the way through gentle means. Always be patient with them and encourage them to speak their heart out. In addition to these; I have mentioned some useful guidelines which can inculcate positive personality traits in children since early childhood. Let us look at them in detail:

  • It is often said that “Curiosity is the virtue of the child” and this saying is absolutely true. Children have this uncanny knack of asking questions; which sometimes seem to be irrelevant. But according to them these questions are very important. Hence, answer the questions with as much patience as possible. Never lose your temper; or use bad language in front of children. Remember children learn from their parents and tutors. Create a healthy atmosphere while teaching children. Encourage them to come up with innovative ideas.

  • Remember “Knowledge is bliss”. Always watch informative serials on television with your child. Ask them to read interesting articles from newspaper which can build up their knowledge. This can make them learn about practical things creatively.

  • Recommend the use of dictionaries and encyclopedia to children. This will help them to gain useful insights about new words and various things happening around the globe.

  • Do not instill fear in the minds of children. Remember fear leads to lie and you do not want the child to lie to you. Encourage open and honest communication for better results.

  • Instill trust and faith in the children. Never forgot to show your love to them and always try to inculcate positive things to thing. Remember a positive mind helps in developing a positive personality.

  • Since early childhood explain the importance of time management to the child so that they can use the time frame in productive use as much as possible.

In the end it is all about giving lots of love and affection to the child so that they see the world as a warm and beautiful place to live in. This is the secret of building a positive personality in children since early childhood. If you wish to comment or post your feedback to us; feel free to follow us at: 

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