Friday, 3 August 2012

Three Guiding Principles for Effective Online Tutoring

Online tutoring has reached a new pinnacle. We are already seeing lot of online courses being developed. But no one has stressed on the need for effective online tutoring. In this article; we have discussed about different principles that are useful for effective online tutoring.

Traditional methods of teaching follow set patterns for educating students. Whereas; online tutoring requires lots of fresh perspective and various challenges to get the right results. We are all aware that each and every child has a different grasping power. Hence, it becomes very difficult in schools for all the children to grasp everything in one go. Some children are not able to cope with the speed of the teaching, and lag behind which results in low self-esteem and ultimately affect their performance in exams. Online tutoring can help in such cases. One of the major advantages of online tutoring is that students can study at their own pace and test their knowledge by taking online quizzes. But the question that keeps on coming in my mind is: What are the different steps that can be taken to improve the teaching pattern of the tutors? How to enhance the interaction between tutor and the student? One thing I observed that if you are in the tutoring business and are working as an online tutor, there are three principles which will help you in providing quality education to the students. I have discussed these three principles in length below:
  • Always be accessible to the students: Interaction with the student in a regular manner is very difficult for the tutors, especially; if you are working as an online tutor. Course material can easily be communicated, but it becomes very difficult to give personal touch to students in online tutoring. This limitation can be eradicated by dedicating couple of hours in a week with the students through online video chat or live online chat, for resolving the queries of the children. It can also be used as a feedback mechanism to motivate the student to work hard or praise them for good performance in the quizzes undertaken in that week. This will make online tutoring a more interactive medium for learning.
  • Give timely response to the queries of the students: Imagine a scenario where students are stuck with a math problem and are finding it very difficult to solve it. During such times, they need guidance from the online tutor. They send the query to the online tutor through email. But the response of the question does not arrive immediately and takes couple of days. This kind of delay hampers the progress of the student. Hence, care should be taken by online tutors to be prompt while replying to queries sent by students. Always send an intimation email to the student confirming that you have received their concern, and then specify the time duration it will take for you to resolve their concern. This will encourage students to have healthy discussion with online tutors, and will improve interactivity between them.
  • Communicate frequently with the students: Always have regular interactions with the students by giving them appropriate feedback on assignments or deadline reminders. Do not miss any chance to have a healthy discussion with the students. Encourage participation of students amongst each other. Always send the summary of your class activities and avoid any misinterpretation by keeping the messages short and precise.
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