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Monday, 29 April 2013

Intelligent Adaptive Learning: An Essential Element of 21st Century Teaching Part II

In our previous article of “Intelligent Adaptive Learning: An Essential Element of 21st Century Teaching Part I” we saw “What is Intelligent Adaptive Learning all about and why is it required” Let us explore the subject further more

Increase inDemand of Intelligent Adaptive Learning

With more and more learners, students and faculties moving to online education, box instructor or adaptive learning has come up as the most sophisticated solutions. Intelligent Adaptive Learningcontributes in bigger way (much more meaningful way) in developing engagingenvironment and through grasping relations between the learner and the online tutor. It is a commonly established fact that understanding the needs and developing the solutions based on those very needs is beneficial for all.

A few challenges of Intelligent Adaptive Learning

In online education, all the students might not be on the same platform of intelligence and understanding as each student comes from totally distinct geographical, cultural, economical and intellectual background. For such students regular methodic approach of imparting education does not serve as a plausible option. Thus, inferential technology has been used to form the Intelligent Adaptive Learning. With the help inferential technology adaptive learning is expected to grow leaps and bounds. Now, that this system has come out as an open-market paradigm, it is going through an optimistic phase of impact on various aspects such as affordability, accessibility, quality challenges of global education as well as training pertaining to e-learning systems.

Importance of intelligent adaptive learning

One of the greatest advantages that intelligent adaptive learning provides is that it gives the learner the privilege of selecting his own modular components which are especially suitable for their learner-centric environment. Moreover, it also provides flexible solutions through which they can adapt themselves dynamically and which also suit their real-time goals. At present, three models have been created for teaching learners of different levels:
  • Expert model
  • Student model and,
  • Instruction model
Intelligent adaptive learning finds its usage in classrooms as well as in distance learning education fields. It is also used in group collaboration applications.  

Each individual is uniquewe have hundreds of reasons to believe it. Since many centuries humanity has been trying to bridge the gap between high level and low level, be it education, financial status or other socio economic factors. As far as learning is concerned with rise of intelligent adaptive learning techniques, by the mid of 21st of century we can expect all the people getting access to the unique, specially customized and affordable learning systems. These Intelligent Adaptive Learningsystems will be flexible and can be tuned in to match the understanding and interest level of an individual. Through Intelligent Adaptive Learningsystem, everyone will have the same level of knowledge, information and understanding of the subject at the end of the curriculum. This will also create better learned and thoughtful individuals, who will be able to use it for pursuing their further goals more effectively.

Geographical barriers have already started dropping with the coming up of the internet, at least in the virtual world. But the high speed of adaptive learning looks assuring enough to bring the same shift in the outlook of real world as well. In short though as of now Intelligent Adaptive Learning systems are yet in their cradle phase yet soon enough Intelligent Adaptive Learning systems will create better learned generations that shall be enhanced forever.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Intelligent Adaptive Learning: An Essential Element of 21st Century Teaching

Lately there has been a lot of discussion going on intelligent adaptive learning techniques. The latest “Y” generation technology that is concentrated towards developing the teaching and learning techniques in schools has become famous as adaptive learning. The intelligent adaptive learning method evolves personalized instructions according to the need of each student, his level of understanding as well as interests.

WhoGets Benefit of Intelligent AdaptiveLearning?

Adaptive learning helps improve adaptation and grasping skills of each student on individual basis and the subject of learning is well absorbed by the students. With the technological changes evolving and improving rapidly for a student as a learner it is important to stay updated.It is the duty of the schools imparting higher level of education to upgrade their education system as intelligent adaptive learning system has already become an essential element of the 21st century teaching. In fact, both tutors as well as students get benefit from adaptive learning.

Why is intelligent adaptive learning required?

Through intelligent adaptive learning technology unique and tailor made services and content are provided to schools or learning groups so that learning process with improvisation and efficiency is adapted by every individual or student. One of the important highlights of adaptive learning process is that it uses the progress of the learner and his academic success to form future strategies for learning.

The whole process involves adaptive interaction, tracking the feedback and then, delivering the content and the information. Personalized intelligence is the right term that effectively describes the intention of adaptive learning. From studying learning orientation to academic background this technique involves an attempt to track down the multiple sources that blend to form a personal intelligence of an individual learner.

How does adaptive learning work?

The need for such a new technique has been felt as more and more people are enrolling for online education.Hence, the students are in need of more personalized solutions that can match their needsof grasping and learning in a better manner.

Adaptive learning requires computers as the major interactive device for teaching. The computer presentations are adapted and undergo a makeover depending upon the learning needs of the student. These changes are carried out based on the response of the students to the tasks and questions are asked by the computer. The main aim of intelligent adaptive learning is to provide the learner the interactive presence that a physically present human teacher provides.

Recent researches have suggested that it is possible to impart information through traditional learning methods but to impart knowledge by useof non adaptive and traditional approachesid meaningless. Usually in traditional methods the student’s participation is almost nil. He is just a passive receptor. Adaptive learning transforms the learner into a collaborator rather than the passive receptor and thus adaptive learning makes the learner understand the topic in a better and engaging manner.

Today, adaptive learning is not only been used for learning, but commercially it is adapted in business training. From web applications to desktop computer applications adaptive learning has spanned every area of online learning process. Read more about Demand of Adaptive Learning and Importance of Adaptive learning in “Intelligent Adaptive Learning: An Essential Element of 21st Century Teaching Part II”